Sue Kearney

In it for the long haul…

Today in my weekly sword class we had a guest teacher. He’s a spry 90-year-old man who’s been doing this for decades.

I’m in the right place.

I don’t swing my sword around because I imagine I’m going to have to use it in combat. …

Sometimes it’s easy to remember I have a choice.

And sometimes I just can’t see beyond the black cloud.

The black cloud created by me.

I’ve been stomping around wearing a black cloud like a hat for a long day now.

Same old same old. When I tune into radio…

One way to move from desire to actual doing is to speak life into something.

You’ve seen this in your life, right? Share your crazy-audacious dream with someone you trust and watch it expand and take life.

Ask Me Anything free call description.

I’m doing that very thing — building, expanding, growing; turning my vision into a thing, a place where women in the third third of life can find flow…

I take none of my mobility for granted.

Every day that I’m on my feet is a gift.

I’ve been immobilized. If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been sat down or laid flat in a variety of ways. Sometimes for weeks. I was starting to feel like I had a condition I had to be…

Reflections. Original abstract art on canvas.

I’m so grateful that I found my way to fluid art. I’m having more fun each time I start or continue a piece, and sometimes what comes through is simply beautiful.

I return to my art table again and again because of the beauty, flow, and magic available. …

Feeling grounded, safe, and positive is an inside job.

I know this. It’s my commitment to move and act from this knowing all the time.

But seriously, 2020? You’ve apparently got no shortage of ways to challenge my ability to feel grounded, safe, and positive. September 2020 in northern California brought a flurry of conditions that impacted my ability to feel grounded, safe, or positive much of the time.

To put it mildly.

Fire and…

Sue Kearney

I encourage and guide women in the third third of life to be inspired, in flow, and fully expressed despite social norms and the realities of aging.

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