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Sue Kearney

One way to move from desire to actual doing is to speak life into something.

You’ve seen this in your life, right? Share your crazy-audacious dream with someone you trust and watch it expand and take life.

Ask Me Anything free call description.

I’m doing that very thing — building, expanding, growing; turning my vision into a thing, a place where women in the third third of life can find flow…

I take none of my mobility for granted.

Every day that I’m on my feet is a gift.

I’ve been immobilized. If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been sat down or laid flat in a variety of ways. Sometimes for weeks. I was starting to feel like I had a condition I had to be…

If you asked me to describe five top qualities of a lifelong learner, of a woman in the third third of life who’s in her life, I don’t think I’d be able to think of five better words.

Tolerant. Disinterested. Amused. Kindhearted. Dignified.

Five lines of text from Tao Te Ching, sixteen

Today I attended one of Rupert Spira’s webinar. (If you’re unfamiliar with…

It’s a month since my sister Marcia died.

I wasn’t raised to be aware of this sacred time, the first month after a loss. But I love how time is set aside, in Judaism — set aside to allow one to be with the grief and the turning of life’s poignant pages. …

2020’s been quite a year.

On this Winter Solstice, let’s take a moment together to celebrate how we’ve responded and adapted through this unusual year. There’s been so much opportunity to let go and grow, right?

Resilience isn’t an option; it’s a requirement, on the daily.

  • Finding new comforts as the old familiar ones became…

An art bomb postcard that arrived safely, oversized and underpostaged, in the mailbox of its intended recipient.

Guerrilla art. Also known as art bombing.

It’s thrilling and magical to plant and send your art into the world without knowing who’ll see it, where it’ll land, or what its impact will be.

My first experience with art bombing came courtesy of witchy and extremely craft-y ritual prep with my friend Jenny Wilde (@jennybach on FB…

Reflections. Original abstract art on canvas.

I’m so grateful that I found my way to fluid art. I’m having more fun each time I start or continue a piece, and sometimes what comes through is simply beautiful.

I return to my art table again and again because of the beauty, flow, and magic available. …

Feeling grounded, safe, and positive is an inside job.

I know this. It’s my commitment to move and act from this knowing all the time.

But seriously, 2020? You’ve apparently got no shortage of ways to challenge my ability to feel grounded, safe, and positive. September 2020 in northern California brought a flurry of conditions that impacted my ability to feel grounded, safe, or positive much of the time.

To put it mildly.

Fire and…

New vision, new noticing…

How this new seeing of depth and dimension changes everything.

All that I see, and all that I make. My vision journey — not the kind that comes with three days on a hilltop and a bunch of psychedelics, but the kind that’s about what I actually see with my…

Clarity. Even with murky vision.

Shelter-in-place has been all kinds of things: quiet, fertile, and full of the unexpected. For me, things took an interesting turn involving vision, clarity and resilience.

I have two stories to tell, each about how and what I’m seeing and the clarity that’s available even when things appear out of…

Sue Kearney

I encourage and guide women in the third third of life to be inspired, in flow, and fully expressed despite social norms and the realities of aging.

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