Consider it done.

Sue Kearney
2 min readSep 25, 2022

You’ve heard the phrase “Consider it done” countless times, in movies and tv, right?

In case you haven’t, you can find a ton of “Consider it done” clips online (all kinds: sit-coms, rom-coms, cartoons, and really creepy crimey movies).

The delivery can be supportive or sinister, but the intent is the same and crystal clear:

You don’t have to worry about that any more. It’s handled. Consider it done.

Cut to our clearly relieved hero. Watch preoccupation dissipate and stress vanish. The moment changes and our relaxed protagonist moves on.

Be your hero. You already are. You were born that way.

You don’t have to wait for someone to put a loving hand on your shoulder (or a hand on their gun) and tell you to consider it done.

Relief from problems and challenges are closer to hand than a buddy or a loved one or your hired help.

Keep waiting for Willem Dafoe or Bart Simpson to stride in and fix it for you.

Or know you’re okay right in the middle of your now. Consider it done.

Consider that you’ve got options, that what you’re thinking right now isn’t the only thought in town.

Consider that you don’t have to know now what happens tomorrow in order to enjoy today.

Pay attention to the moments when you know you know, when you’re surefooted and present. You feel guided by a hand on your back even when no one’s with you. You sense a tug forward. You’re in flow.

Consider what you’ve endured and survived. The losses and changes. And here you are breathing in this moment. Trust the thing that keeps bringing you through.

Need peace? Consider it done. Want to feel better in the body you’re moving around in? Consider it done. Want to drop your judgements and cherish your loved ones? Consider it done.

Want to explore, get a good feel for this? Consider it done.


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