Fierce Gratitude.

Sue Kearney
3 min readNov 30, 2023

I named my first self-published journal Fierce Gratitude: Gratitude even if, gratitude no matter what. Why fierce? Because a practice of connecting to and expressing gratitude on the regular can be challenging.

Book cover — Fierce Gratitude journal

I set up the journal just the way I learned the practice: Write a list of 15 things you’re grateful for. Every day. Avoid repeats (if you can).

90 spreads like this, each with a themed quote and more…

A season of gratitude.

I realized today (two weeks after hitting Publish on the journal), that I didn’t include my own gratitude story in the introduction. (Doh!)

I started writing my gratitude lists in 2013. I started by hand in an actual journal, but soon found myself blogging my gratitudes. I had my blog for ten years. I created over 800 posts, and at least 75% of those were gratitude lists.


Of course, you’ll have to take my word for it, because I pulled the plug on the blog a couple of years ago and now it exists only on the internet’s wayback machine and on the one archive copy I’ve got.

I’m gonna share a Fierce Gratitude list with you right now.

Today I’m grateful for:

  • being included in my friend’s annual day-after-Thanksgiving wreath- and wrapping-paper making
  • being included in my friend’s extended family gathering
  • relishing spending time with two generations of sisters and telling them so — being sisterless now really makes that appreciation powerful!
  • having friends who invite me to their gatherings and let me do my chef-y stuff in their kitchens
  • getting to carve a goose and a spatchcocked turkey that I didn’t have to cook
  • leftovers
  • a friend who actually brought me her entire turkey carcass so I could pick the good bits off
  • crafting with women



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