Flawed art, fierce beauty

Sue Kearney
2 min readMar 6, 2022

It’s almost a month now since my sister’s cancer diagnosis.

Which still sucks. Sucks even harder, now. Despite our heartbroken weeping and wailing, none of us have been able to change the programming.

So here we are.

I came back home from Oakland yesterday to catch up with my life. I accomplished maybe 20% of what I ”should’ve.“

Oh well.

Here’s one thing that I did accomplish (besides a load of laundry, more tears, talking to supportive friends, and taking a long-ass nap): I made some art.

Which I then ruined. As you’ll see in the video.

Flawed beauty. Works for me. Mostly. I really wish the background was smoother and more tidy. That’s not all I wish right now.

The background may look a bit rough, but I got the watch these colors dance. Twice. It’s perfect.

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