Feeling grounded, safe, and positive is an inside job.

But seriously, 2020? You’ve apparently got no shortage of ways to challenge my ability to feel grounded, safe, and positive. September 2020 in northern California brought a flurry of conditions that impacted my ability to feel grounded, safe, or positive much of the time.

To put it mildly.

Fire and smoke. Really crappy air quality. A surfeit of solitariness. Not to mention American politics, and oh yeah, the pandemic.

Luckily the smoke has gone elsewhere for now, and the air’s breathable, mostly, these last few days. (Hard to grok, as the fires still burn, but I’ll take it.)

Ash is still raining down on the regular, I wear my mask even more these days, but at least no longer in the house.

Last week, we had enough clean air to allow a visit with my kid and a walk among the redwoods. She and I, we know how to get grounded again.

  • Sometimes you just gotta walk on soft earth in sacred silence.
  • Sometimes you need to plant your ass on the ground.
  • Even better when inside the hollow of a very tall redwood tree.

I’m writing this in the week of Days of Awe — the Jewish New Year.

Shana Tovah. May you be grounded in sweetness and joy.

I love this time of year, when we are reminded of these sacred qualities:

  • Teshuvah reminds us to turn and return to what’s essential, important, and real; and to do what we can to repair what’s broken.
  • Tefillah invites us to step into sacred reflection and prayer.
  • Tzedakah is the call to get righteous, to speak up, amplify, and act. Speaking of which, there’s a story that says when someone dies on or just before the Jewish New Year she becomes a tzaddik — a righteous one. RBG (who went to both my high school and the Hebrew school I attended) died just before Rosh Hashanah this year. May her righteousness pervade the hearts and souls of those who carry on after her, and influence their actions toward fairness and good.

The creative cauldron’s on full simmer, sometimes a rolling boil!

The course is an exploration of flow and freedom, depth and dimension.

Did I mention this is my first e-course? (Gulp.) I’m learning so much and putting demo videos, slideshows, and voiceovers together. I can’t wait to share it with you!

I thought I might have gone too far. The word garish came to mind. I loved the lacy waterfall-ish look of the top, and mystifying (ha! there’s that word again) blue pool in the bottom right. But… I certainly wasn’t sure it’s a keeper. So I hung it on the wall.

My housemate noticed it hanging and she fell in love with it. She didn’t know it was on probation in my eyes. I was so surprised when she offered me a good price and bought it on the spot.

You just never know.

I poured on a belt when I first started. Remember?

Well, my favorite white shorts — that fit me perfectly FFS! — got some rust stains on them. I tried and tried and tried to bleach, scrub, stain-treat. No joy. I dabbed white paint and paint marker on them, and I was left with white on white spots. Feh.

Here we go. Not sure I’m done yet, but I sure have begun!

That’s a first. I walked in with a box of paintings and he took all three.

Head on over to Instagram; I’ve been posting one a day and loving the exploration. Here are a few:

What’s coming to you to create?

Show me. Tell me. Let’s connect.

Originally published at https://magnoliaswest.com. I’m Sue Kearney, and I’m all about flow. Fluid art. Making ornaments, potions, and beauty products with my hands. Being in open and connection with clients, collaborators, and loved ones. I’m a longtime maker, mentor, coach, designer, brand whisperer. I’m actively committed to social justice and relinquishing white privilege in every thought, word, and action.

I encourage and guide women in the third third of life to be inspired, in flow, and fully expressed despite social norms and the realities of aging.