Longevity, flexibility, and balance.

In it for the long haul…

Today in my weekly sword class we had a guest teacher. He’s a spry 90-year-old man who’s been doing this for decades.

I’m in the right place.

I don’t swing my sword around because I imagine I’m going to have to use it in combat. Nor do I practice the tai chi form to prepare to grapple.

(Not that we don’t practice fencing and push hands. I’d be there in a minute if I could manage the vast distance between me and my classmates and teachers. For now Zoom and my imagination will have to do.)

Here’s why I swing my sword and practice tai chi every day. My practice reminds me and shows me how to know, love, use, and trust the spring in my joints as they are now today. And to know and trust my body’s response when I stumble or fall.

Tai chi and sword help me know and trust myself to take one grounded step after another in my work and in my business. Every day.

It’s liberating to know how to keep going, to adapt, and persist, and adapt again. To relax into the flow.

Just like every sword round is different — some just perfect and some laughably full of mistakes — every action I take in my business teaches me something different.

There’s no need to give up. Not yet.

In it for the long haul.

Work with me 1:1.

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Schedule an Audacious Life call and enjoy the long haul of your life knowing, understanding, loving, and trusting your body as it is and your life as it is more each day.

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I’m Sue Kearney, founder of the Lifelong Learning Lab.

I encourage and guide women in the third third of life who want to stay inspired, be in flow, and be fully expressed, so that they can enjoy their days more and stress less — despite social norms and the realities of aging.



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Sue Kearney

Sue Kearney


I mentor and encourage for women who want more joy and freedom, less stress. More creative flow, less angst. At your age. In your body. In the world as it is.