So this happened.

Solstice 2022 with my sister’s family.

Sue Kearney


With my sister’s ashes. With my sister’s lingering presence.

Shell Beach on the Sonoma Coast.

Some powerful interactions, moments, insights, like this one:

My brother-in-law buried his portion of her ashes. Turns out (we realized later) he’s a Virgo — earth sign.

My nephew scattered the ashes he held to the breeze. He’s a Gemini — air. Hmm.

My niece burned something they wrote after reading it aloud. Guess what? They’re a Leo — fire.

And we were standing at the shore. Barbara, my sister, was a Pisces. Yup. Water.


I mean, I don’t think much about astrology these days, but that was a whomp.

One more thing to share: My nephew bought the Bite Me apron for my sister decades ago (that’s him flipping latkes with me).

I’ve always loved that apron and felt it should be mine. After all, Barbara learned the phrase Bite Me from me.

I was really surprised that he gave me the apron when I left. Of the few things of hers I now have, this is a real treasure. As is the love I have for these people, her people.

If you’ve read this far (or if you haven’t 🙃), happy turning of the season and new year to you.

Give someone you love the kind of hug where they have to peel you off them to end it.



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