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Redefine your wild. Honor, inspire, and unleash your inner creatrix.

Plant your flag in the center of your healing journey.

Learn more about the Divinely Feminine Art of Making in an upcoming workshop.

Simplify and beautify your life — and save a ton of cash.

As a woman ages — sage and seasoned — changes seem to speed up and intensify. Standing tall in your choices as you age brings a lot of opportunities. The wisdom you’ve garnered in your earlier decades can really serve you now.

Aging brings so many opportunities to stand up for yourself, and own your wisdom:

• Learning how to retain agency and sovereignty at any age, at your age — even though modern society’s youth bias may make you feel like you’ve been rendered invisible. Every time you stand tall in your choices your wisdom and your inner light shines more brightly.

Like Eleanor Roosevelt supposedly said, “A woman never knows how strong she is until she has, like a teabag, been dipped in hot water.”

This is not your first rodeo. No matter how intense the particulars of your own private rodeo may be, I’ve never met a woman who has walked through menopause and onward without knowing just how much of a survivor — and thriver — she already is. Women in the third third of life are badass, strong, and brave.

Women in the third third of life are badass, strong, and brave.

Simplicity becomes more important as you age. When you start to make some of your own healing or beauty products, you’ll find yourself stocking up on healing and enhancing (yet relatively inexpensive) ingredients. At the same time you’ll feel less compelled to buy pricey, fancy, specialized products in the marketplace. Honestly, I use more apple cider vinegar and baking soda than I ever imagined I would — and in so many things!

Become an agent for healing and take charge of your beauty. Reclaim agency as you journey through the third third of your life.

Giving yourself a gift is a radical act of self-love. Learn about and start experimenting with the Divinely Feminine Art of Making.

It’s no accident that these workshops are scheduled on the days preceding the International Day of Self-love (some call it Valentine’s Day). Redefine your wild and discover your inner cauldron-stirring maker.

Sign up for one (or both!) of these upcoming Divinely Feminine Art of Making workshops. In both workshops, you’ll:

• Learn about how our ancestors revered their healers and medicine makers. Step away from society’s endless messages and definitions about what beauty is and is not. A woman at any age — and especially as you move through and past menopause — does not need to be fixed or altered to retain visibility and value.

Reconnect to your ancestresses. Become an agent for healing and take charge of your beauty. Reclaim agency as you journey through the third third of your life.

Find out how to use the most luxurious and luscious ingredients while saving a ton of cash. You’ll find that you don’t need as many ingredients as you might think, and you’ll also find out the seemingly endless ways you can use cider vinegar, baking soda, and coconut oil to enhance your health and let your inner beauty shine.

Learn about sourcing ingredients and tools that make the Art of Making easy and doable. We will also talk about the most healing ingredient ever — infused cannabis oil. My products have gone from wonderful to triple amazing since I started putting this ingredient in pretty much everything (and yes, I infuse the oil myself).

  • Discover new real-world meanings for the words “flexible” and “risk.” What works for you — in ingredients and proportions — may not be what’s right for me. What works for you now might need to be tweaked next time you need it. You’ll learn about the importance of testing on yourself first and keeping good records.

The Divinely Feminine Art of Making workshops are February 12th (live and in person in my home in Petaluma, 7 PM). Or online on February 13th in a virtual classroom on Zoom at 1 PM Pacific.

All details and registration here.

Questions? Comments?

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Or email me — Or call me on my mobile — 510–504–6355.

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Dreaming up a recipe or two!

I’m Sue Kearney, seasoned and sage mentor, holding a lantern at the crossroads for women in the third third of life. I’m a longtime maker and happy to share that knowledge.

In my work as a coach, I look with you at what’s stopping you, and I point you back to your innate resilient wonder-full self. I also collaborate with healers, visionaries, and changemakers to create and uplevel their brands. When your brand is a reflection of your true purpose and passion, with zero manipulative marketing techniques, your just-right clients will feel the resonance and automagically trust you enough to want to know more.



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Sue Kearney

Sue Kearney


I mentor and encourage for women who want more joy and freedom, less stress. More creative flow, less angst. At your age. In your body. In the world as it is.