Third third of life defined

Sue Kearney
2 min readDec 19, 2021


What does Third Third of Your Life mean?

Good question!

Think of the third third of your life as the time that begins when your time becomes more your own.

  • You’re not wrangling your kids — they’re making their own lives now.
  • You may have retired from a full-time job, or chucked the corporate career for a gig of your own.
  • You may be dealing with death and loss of partner or loved one(s).
  • You’re living, loving, creating, and working in an aging body.
Image of lights and sparks illustrating the Shine Your Light in ’22 mini retreat

How’s the third third going for you?

Get connected to your inner sparking system.

The third third can come at any time. For some it’s connected with physical body changes. For others, the focus shifts as we experience more loss.

  • When the job ends.
  • When you shift from career to entrepreneurship.
  • When the kids leave.
  • When your partner leaves or dies.
  • When you experience a significant change in your health.

The third third of your life can come upon you gradually or it can hit you like a ton of bricks.

Join me Tuesday morning at 8 am Pacific in the Shine Your Light in ’22 mini retreat.

  • Step away from what you see is holding you back
  • See and feel yourself as you really are
  • Feel the energy of what’s sparking and coming to life inside you
  • Know you’re ready to go all in, starting now.

And hey. I know. Going all in is big. And sometimes it gets messy.

Go all in anyway.

Take this hour with me. Relax into your own unfolding.

You don’t have to light your light. It’s always forever lit (as long as you’re breathing anyway). Just like the sun is always behind the clouds on a stormy day.

Your job is easy.

All you have to do is decide to follow the beam. You’re already lit up. Shine Your Light.


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