Turns out I can get fitter. Who knew?

Sue Kearney
3 min readOct 6, 2022

Expanding physical capacity. At my age.

I’m going for it. I want to be more functionally fit than ever. Vibrant AF.

I’d given up. I had reasons! Reasons why I can’t walk up hills with ease, or swim, or run, or dance fast for more than a minute. I keep my activity level slow and sedate because I get so tuckered out so fast when I exert.

Here’s how I did my fitness for the last few years:

  • I’m a walker, 2 miles a day, and I mostly stroll. On the flat. At an easy pace.
  • I do tai chi every day. Sword form too — which gets my heart rate up a bit.
  • I’ve got postural and strength training stuff I do on the regular: slowly and with focus.

Slow. Sedate. Intentional. But committed. Tracked with my watch and phone apps.

I believed my “conditions” — chronic anemia, autoimmune imbalances, and broken structural bits — and my age slowed me down.

The story started to develop holes.

I realized I haven’t been anemic for years now, so that’s no longer a factor.

Out of the blue I mentioned my sedate fitness life to a doctor/healer for the first time. I had tests. Heart’s good — zero plaque (nice!), and there’s no lung disease.

Out of the other blue I reconnected with a swimming teacher friend who’d told me 30+ years ago that I need to exert myself to get stronger, which made no sense to me because it was so hard. I stopped swimming instead.

I talked to that swimming teacher again recently and she said the same thing now that she said then: If I continue to base my fitness on slow strolls, tai chi, stationary strength training, and postural holds, I’ll continue to be easily taxed by exertion.

Something sparked.

Jogging using suspension rig (I wonder I made this up)

Without thought or planning, I stood up and walked outside to my suspension rig and started running in place (something I’ve never done before). I made it to 1:02 on my watch before I felt I had to stop. So hard!

Sue Kearney

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