What comes after a diagnosis that comes with a survival expectation?

Sue Kearney
2 min readFeb 21, 2022

You’re still in the same body.

You’re still living. And now you know that you’re also dying.

We’re all also dying.

We all have an expiration date.

The cause of death was life, I’ve heard it said.

I think we live and love and create in a dream that we can just keep existing forever.

Until we get a diagnosis and the numbers that come with the miracles of modern medical testing.

More than X number of weeks.
Maybe a year.
Maybe more.

A beautiful magnolia blossom and bud.

Oh it’s maddening. I wrote something in my directives that says, “Don’t offer a prognosis to me. Ask me if I’m ready to have the conversation first.”

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we didn’t hold on too tightly to what the data and statistics tell us are the likely outcomes. If we could sidestep resignation and stay in the energy of living more easily.

This is the sh*t that I’m getting to see, question, sit with.

And over which I’m dissolving regularly into a hot mess of snot and tears.

I never thought that my cherished one would ever be gone and certainly not before me because I’m older.

The love and awareness that I am and the love and awareness that she is won’t expire when we do.I wish knowing this helped dissolve the grief.

Not yet.

If you’ve lived long enough for this to be meaningful for you, you don’t have to walk this road alone.

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