What’s sparking for you in the darkness?

The short days and dark nights leading up to the Winter Solstice provide a fertile ground for inspiration.

The cold hard ground of winter will soon send new roots downward and tendrils upward toward the light and nourishment those seeds somehow know where to find.

That energy to reach for the light and to grow comes from the divine spark of creativity and the desire to reignite. It’s the life force that animates us all — humans, animals, and even seeds buried underground. In the darkness leading up the the Solstice, it’s easier to notice the flickering of your sparks and to hear the soft whispers of desire and yearning.

Let those sparks move your bones.

Reignite your life. Shine your light in ’22 like you never have before.

Now listen, I get it. I can see you sitting there asking yourself “What’s up with the pep talk, Sue? It’s cold, I’ve worked enough, and I’m tired. And I’m old.”

We’re all tired. Here we are in 20almost22, and we’re still in a pandemic world — a condition that may persist for who knows how much longer?

If you’re a woman in the third third of life, you just might be tempted to respond to your inner sparks with a resounding “Why bother?” and get back to streaming videos.

I’m here to invite you to show up, step up, and go all in anyway.

Those we’re leaving this planet to need to see you all in. At your age, in your life as it is, in your body exactly as it is. In our fragmented and less-than-nurturing world, now is not the time to keep your wisdom inside.

No biggie, right? 😎 The only thing at stake here is the future our kids and their kids are living into. Good news: You can make a difference.

Here’s more good news. You don’t have to do this alone. Expand the potency of your vision and intentions by bringing them to my upcoming Shine Your Light in ’22 mini-retreat. Like a circle of young redwoods holding each other up and making it possible for all to grow, women in sacred circle will amplify and magnify everyone’s inspirations.

Let’s reignite together.

Retreat details

Shine Your Light in ’22 mini retreat
Tuesday, December 21st
8 a.m. Pacific
Register here

I’m Sue Kearney, lifelong learner in the third third of life. Find out more at https://suekearney.com

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