Zero resolutions and lots of resolve

Sue Kearney
3 min readJan 2, 2024
What’s ahead?

No resolutions yet plenty of resolve

I made no resolutions this year.

I didn’t spend any time collaging up a vision board.

I didn’t set out to declare a word for the coming year.

Somehow, the intentions revealed themselves!

I’ve been too busy doing things and making changes and trying sh*t. Without planning to really.

I’ve got many projects on active simmer, including a new website and a new focus for my business. And there are a lovely changes happening in my art practice.

But there’s a new big focus: health and stamina.

Improving lung function

I’ve decided to do everything I can to improve lung function — and I’m doing some wild and crazy stuff. (It turns out my lung function is pretty deficient, which goes a long way toward explaining the persistent fatigue on exertion I’ve been dealing with for decades. I’ve given up swimming, hiking uphill, and lately couldn’t finish a dance at moderate tempo.)

Shortly after seeing a cardiologist who told me that my heart is fine, I heard about a book called Breath by James Nestor (on a standup special of all things — talk about an unexpected catalyst!).



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